Weekend Camp Kit List

By Greg

Kit List

  • Holdall/rucksack ( pack everything in a plastic bags to keep things dry)
  • Full uniform.
  • Spare shorts and long trousers (most scouts wear shorts in camp).
  • T-shirts , sweatshirts and fleeces.
  • Trainers and boots.
  • Change of under wear and socks (please !!)
  • Pyjamas or shorts and T-shirt to sleep in.
  • Washing kit including towels, hair brush comb.
  • Plates, bowl, mug and cutlery.
  • tea towel
  • torch
  • water proof cagoule and trousers.
  • Sleeping bag the higher the season the better, blanket, roll mat, packed in a water proof bag. (its no fun to start the weekend with a wet bed). NO full sized pillows please.
  • Plastic bag to put dirty kit in.
  • A Watch
  • Personal medicines to be handed to camp leader.
  • Packed lunch (if required see camp letter) in tough plastic box plus drink in reusable bottle(good quality).
  • Small rucksack to carry pack lunch (if required, see camp letter).