Cubs Weekly Challenge

By Dawn

  The Cubs are asked a to complete a challenge each week, NOT compulsory. After each term the winning six will be treated to a reward for work undertaken and points awarded.     Good Luck to those who take part…!    however The top 3 Cubs who RELIABLY put in more effort into these challenges shall also be rewarded Handsomely…..!!!!!

We are always open to accepting unwanted Items for our Tombola stall of which we would run on the Donkey Derby at Burnham Park,  Items like unwanted but unopened, Sweets, Chocolates, Smellies, Toys, Alcohol, Biscuits But No Bric -a- Brac Please….

  Thank you,  The Cub will be awarded 100 points for each item bought in, going towards the points total for his Six

For last Term    we have awarded prizes to Lellow Six……. for a WHOPPING    6396  Points…

And Also        Kyran TL

                         Noah M

                        Mati B                                  for being the top three that attempt to do the Challenges each week…

Well Done all of you …. The points as a whole were as follows

Lellow Six      6396

Red   Six     5729

Blue   Six      5162

Green Six     4143

Keep Trying Boys…!!!!

So to start of a new terms we have started with a proper Scouting Challenge…..!!!    Lets get cracking….

Lewis Compass Challenge   21.9.18

For our first week Lewis wants you to make your own Compass,    Google it….!!!!    Most component’s should be around the house, and for an added 100 points, Dawn wants you to find North without any equipment in the dark, outside….!!????   You will be tested on Both before points are awarded….!!??!???

Come on Cubs get those challenges ticked off..!


Well That was an AWESOME start, lots of compasses, and lots of working homemade compasses, However We forgot to do the Night time Challenge for Finding North, WE SHALL NOT FORGET…!!!!!!!     Well done all that made their compass, and hold on to the knowledge of how to find North at night.


Personal Challenge 28.9.18

This week you need to increase the number of Star Jumps, Sit Ups and Jump Overs that you did at Cubs,   The numbers have to be higher than this weeks, so an increase in fitness and a Personal Challenge in itself, you should have remembered your numbers or you should have seen Lewis to remember your numbers, If all three numbers are not increased, No badge shall be awarded….!!!

 A Tough One…..!!!!


Wow , Wow, and Wow….!    Every single Cub managed to better his score from last week, There were 2-3 not in attendance, But they have said they want to continue this next week.

All Cubs worked EXTREMELY hard on this and all earnt their personal Challenge or their Skills badge,

Very Very Well Done ALL of YOU…!!!!


Conker Challenge 5.10.18

Next week you all need to bring in a Conker or two with a hole through the middle and string threaded through with a knot on the end, For our Annual Conker Knock Out Competition…

An EXTRA 500 points are to be awarded for the Cub who brings in the most Conkers In Weight…!!!!!

Conker Collecting Cubs….!!!!!!!


A Fantastic 500 Points went to Owen for his WHOPPING 9 Kilos of Conkers, Well Done Owen

and A Well Done also goes to James for Winning the Annual Conker Knock out Competition….

extra points were awarded to both along with points for those that did  bring in Conkers.


Better Person…… 12.10.18

This weeks challenge is an easy one,   But at the same time a hard one, and NO REASON FOR THIS ONE NOT TO BE DONE…!

Think of how or what you can do to make yourself a better person,

We can all improve our behaviour in some way, Write it down, Keep it in your head, and tell everyone or whisper in our ears, but what ever you chose to do, make sure you work hard at achieving this goal.

we will go over these at Cubs….!

Well done to ALL the Cubs on this one know see below for the next stage…


Make a Famous Person Better…! 19.10.18

We had some Really Thoughtful Ideas Last week on what we can ALL do to make ourselves better,

However Some of Our Role Models that We are supposed to look up to have some Improvements to make too,

We want you to write their name down and tell us what THEY can do Better…

Well Done to all ….!!!   Don’t forget to put into action what you spoke of and maybe some of the ideas that Others spoke of as well…!!


1 or 2 footballers mentioned here, and of course Donald Trump was mentioned a few times too…!!!


Home Help Badge for Half Term   26.10.18

This week we want you all to work towards your Home Help Badge,

Lewis will email you the details, and lets be honest you should all be helping around the house anyway…!!!