Cubs Weekly Challenge

By Dawn

  The Cubs are asked a to complete a challenge each week, NOT compulsory. After each term the winning six will be treated to a reward for work undertaken and points awarded.     Good Luck to those who take part…!    however The top 3 Cubs who RELIABLY put in more effort into these challenges shall also be rewarded Handsomely…..!!!!!

We are always open to accepting unwanted Items for our Tombola stall of which we would run on the Donkey Derby at Burnham Park,  Items like unwanted but unopened, Sweets, Chocolates, Smellies, Toys, Alcohol, Biscuits But No Bric -a- Brac Please….

  Thank you,  The Cub will be awarded 100 points for each item bought in, going towards the points total for his Six

For last Term    we have awarded prizes to GREEN SIX……. for a WHOPPING   

14,735  Points…

And Also       Wesley


                        Noah                                  for being the top three that attempt to do the Challenges each week…

Well Done all of you …. The points as a whole were as follows

Green Six…. 14,735

Red Six….. 13,877

Blue Six….  9,795

Lellow Six…. 9,506

Keep Trying Boys…!!!!

So to start of a new terms we have started with a proper Scouting Challenge…..!!!    Lets get cracking….

3.5.19 Morse Code Challenge

The first Challenge of the new Term, Lewis wants you to either Write or Using a torch,   morse code

”  1st Cipp Cubs”     or if you wish    ” 1st Cippenham Cubs”

You will be rquired to show this using a torch or written in morse code format on paper.

Good Luck Cubs


Well done all of those for doing the Morse code challenge..

Remember the SOS sequence, one day it may come in useful .


AGM challenge…10.5.19

As it is the AGM next week we want the cubs to bring a joke they are happy to tell the parents at the AGM….!


After the AGM we were all a bit out of sync, so our jokes didn’t make AGM…

However tonight, 17th Cillian and Adam told us their jokes… Thank You boys…!!!!


Camp bag pack …24.5.19

For this week we would like your parents to attend for the last half hour of cubs to see what we should and should NOT bring on camp,

You Cubs need to tell us one good thing and one bad thing to bring on camp…!!


Thank you to Mati and his dad for bringing along and demonstrating what to bring on camp…

And some great suggestions of what not to bring,

No sweets, no bananas, no fizzy drinks and funniest of all….    ” No Parents”  Cubs said this, Honest…..!!!!!!


Rocket challenge.  31.5.19 

This week we want you to make your own rocket..

No shop bought kits, no remote controls, your own work and materials….

We will test these on the night so ensure you can carry your rocket and it’s items needed.



Noah, Wesley, Mati, Bruno, and Cillian  for some fantastic rockets at the green…


Sun Dial Camp Challenge 7.6.19

As it is Summer Camp next week, we want you to learn how to use a Sun Dial.  .

You do not need to make one,   just memorise how to use one…..!!!!

And let’s hope for some SUN…. .!!!!!


Apologies, We will come back to Sun Dial…..!

Soooo many other things to do on Camp…!


Postcode Challenge…14.6.19

This week we have visitors with us at the hut and they require your postcode for you to take part, memorise it….!


All those that memorised their postcodes, your names have been ticked on our list.

for those whose homes listed as a flood risk, go to Enviroment Agency and add in your details, there is no charge, and who knows, it may prove useful.


Phone Number and 60p Challenge 21.6.19

For next week you will need to memorise your parents mobile number or landline number, AND remember to bring in your 60p

that you should ALWAYS bring with you as part of inspection, ( along with a piece of string.)

you have to have Both, otherwise Challenge will be marked as INCOMPLETE, and final goal cannot be achieved…!


Nice Work ALL of you that bought in your 60p and remembered a phone number,

Lots of Phone calls to bewildered parents made, and 1 or 2 messages left for those that didn’t answer…!


Local Knowledge Badge.. 5.7.19

As we have Go Ape Nets next week this is over to the following week, you need to finish your local Knowledge

Paperwork that Lewis gave you, if you have finished it, then make improvements on your map, More detail can always be added…


Well Done to Timothy and Wesley for finishing the Local Knowledge Badge paperwork, Badges were awarded tonight,


Summer Challenge,      and       Water Activities Challenge…..

For those coming on the Rafting and Kayaking with Scouts on the 21st July, you have the added task of building your own buoyancy aid…!, Always Good Fun to Watch…!

For those of you we may not see on the last day of school and over the Summer holidays, the challenge is to learn Not only a contact number for your parents but also your complete Home address, House number, Road, town and Postcode….,   In your head, NOT written down….!

One other thing we should all do in the summer, Blackberry Picking, and making blackberry goodies…!!!!   Should be Compulsory..!!! Show us your picking pictures….!!!   points awarded to each Picker….!!

Points are to be counted up in September for the next batch of winners….!