Cubs Weekly Challenge

By Dawn

  The Cubs are asked a to complete a challenge each week, NOT compulsory. After each term the winning six will be treated to a reward for work undertaken and points awarded.     Good Luck to those who take part…!    however Those top 3 who RELIABLY put in more effort into these challenges but are not on the winning six shall also be rewarded…..!!!!!

Paper Airplane Challenge.15.09.17

Lets start with an easy one shall we,   Paper airplane build your own and bring it along on the 15th  points for the longest distance travelled, and for the best looking Airplane.


Well done all those that made Paper Airplanes…, Adam G won this on both counts for distance and best decorated…. Well Done Adam…!!!


Conkers….!!!!    22.9.17

For this week we want you to collect your conkers for Fridays Conker Competition,

Hole them, Carefully…….    and String them,


Wow…! Lots of Conkers, and Kornell and Joseph were the winners,   A few bruised Knuckles, and broken egos, But a great night had by all, and Lots of Conkers left…!


Helicopter Challenge.  29.9.17

This week we want you to make a Helicopter…!?

Lets make it a little easier, It doesn’t have to fly upward, But it DOES have to rotate like a helicopter as it descends….!!!   Okay….??


We seem to be on a bit of a roll with Challenges…… Keep it up Lads, quite afew of you did helicopters, Shame on those that didn’t….!!!!

Well done all…..   Mstr Butler was the more innovative…. but all were awarded points of course.



Bike Knowledge 6.10.17

For this week we want a detailed hand drawn diagram of a bike and rider if possible, With as many tags pointing to Wheels, Brakes ect

as much detail as possible please and of course including cycle helmet for your rider if you are drawing him too, as this is a MUST….!!!!!!!


Well Done to Harry GS, George and Ben L, Daniel B, Kyran TL, Cillian D, Adam G, they all did the Bike Diagram,

Good Work Lads…!!


Self Propelled Car Challenge  13.10.17

Thanks for reminding us about next weeks Challenge, It was a very busy night…!

This week we want you to build your own self Propelled Car / Lorry…!!!

Whether it be wind powered, elastic band powered, the choice is yours… BUT…. no battery power….!!!!!!

Good Luck Lads…!!!!


A BIG WELL DONE TO Archie and Daniel B, for their self propelled cars..!!!   Good Job Lads…!


Parachute Challenge  .  20.10.17

This week want you to make your own Parachute for a Legoman,   If you don’t have a Legoman, use a small conker or an acorn instead..

We will launch them from the top of the stairs to test them……. ( The Parachutes of course, Not the Cubs…!?!??!???)


Some Awesome Parachutes…!   From Hair Nets, to  Paper and  Carrier bags, All with Lego men that landed safely enough to play another day…!!!!!

Well done all of those that attempted this one.


Halloween Pumpkin Carving Challenge 27.10.17

Of course Halloween is nearby and for this week we are doing our annual Halloween games and general silliness…!!!

Bring in your own carved Pumpkin, complete with candle, the best most impressive Pumpkin will win a prize,

However I am positive Lewis will tell which Pumpkin has been carved by Cubs and which have been started and finished by parents,

So let the Cubs do some of the work….!!!!!!!!!!   Hopefully not too many fingers will be lost in the process..!!!! They will learn…!?


A Fantastic effort made by all you Pumpkin Carving Aficionados…….!!!


Bonfire Guy Challenge  3.11.17

As we are at Dorney Wood this week for Bonfire Night with Hot Chocolate and Biscuits, We are asking you to build your very own GUY…!!!

there will be a prize for the best Cubs Guy and a prize for the best Beavers Guy, as we have invited the Beavers to join us too…

All the guys will then be sat on top of the fire to start off our evening.


Well done to CILLIAN who won first prize for best Guy.

and second prize went to KYRAN…

WELL DONE TO YOU TWO,    but to all of you that made guys, a good job all round….!


Bird Feeder Build 10.11.17

This week we are asking you to make your own bird feeder,  this one can be used once you have bought

it in to Cubs, take it home again and hang it in a tree…   and help the birds out with some food during winter.


Well Done to Ben and George L, and Daniel B for 3 very fine bird feeders indeed, tie them up in a tree in your garden, and watch the birds enjoy…!


Stick Bomb..  17.11.17

Those of you that have taken the large lollipop sticks home, need to use them and ONLY them to make a Bomb…!!!

No tape, No Glue, No String, No Blue tack, No Gum, No Breaking, No Snapping, No Ripping, No Sawing, No, No, No, Nothing But Sticks…..!!!!!!!!!


Well Done to all those that attempted the stick bomb challenge, Lots of individual Bombs, and one or two of you attempted the longer snake bomb… !



Water Filter Challenge 24.11.17

This week we wanted you to make your own water filter,

we will have some grubby water for you to filter out and we can see which one works best.


A very Well Done to B and G Lacey, D Butler, A Haden, However the best Filters go to K Lake, and C Dowling,

I would want these two around  if the world ends and we have no clean water about…!!!!!


Igloo Challenge  1.12.17

As its the first day of December we want you to build your own Igloo….!


No not life size, just a little one, Made out of Ice/snow….!!!


Well Done to D Butler and one other ,     If you email me your name I shall put this up…….Here…!!!

Not many attempts at the Igloo challenge, maybe a little difficult…!!!

New weeks is MUCH easier…!?



Bring in an Apple….!    8.12.17

This week … All you have to do is bring in an Apple…!


So many apples, Toffee Apples …. YUM….   !   too many to list…


Christmas Hat…!   15.12.17

Come in to Cubs wearing a Christmas Hat, and Extra 100 Points will be awarded if the Hat is HOMEMADE AND NOT SHOP BOUGHT….!!!!!



however a very observant     ARCHIE     and     JEEVAN     were the only ones to notice my mention of homemade hats….!!!!




Unwanted Presents/Tombola Items   5.1.18

Over the Christmas time we all get a present we open and think…   ” Hmmmm…!!”

However you smile sweetly, Say ” Thankyou, its Wonderful”   and put it safely aside,  I hope you do this anyway….!!!!!

We are asking that when you Cubs/Mum/Dad/Grandma/Grandad/Family and friends get one of these presents, send them in on our first day back

and throughout the year, 100 points as always will be added for EACH ITEM bought in and donated to 1st Cippenham for our Tombola stall which we run in the summer for fundraising. Whether it be sweet, bubbly, playful, flowery or just plain boring, bring it in, No Jumble or broken Items Please.

This will run throughout the year, so any boxes of chocolate, Biscuits or bottles of smellies or wine ect you don’t want then bring them down to the Hut,


We had thousands of points awarded on our return after NYs and Christmas, Well done all you Cubs and Parents for

donating a wealth of goodies, keep ‘em coming if possible..   Thank You.


Pyramid Challenge  12.1.18

Ok, New Year, New Challenge….. Lewis wants you to build a 3D pyramid, However NOT out of Lego….!!!!


A Fantastic Effort by all that made pyramids, and Not a lego brick in sight…!!!   Plastic Pyramids, Clay, Pyramids, Cardboard Pyramids…

Well done Cubs, and More Items for the Tombola, Thank You once again…


Claire’s Paralympic Challenge. 19.1.18

This week Claire would like you to adapt a Paralympic Sport so we can play it at Cubs This Friday…!

Not as tough as you might think, go on give it a go….!!!!


We had lots of adaptations of Paralympic games, Infact we had so many,

we have games to go over this week as well, as we couldn’t get through them all in one night…..!!!

Make something from another Country 26.1.18

This week we would like you to make something from another country, whether it be food, paper, a game, the choice is yours…!

Good Luck…..!


We had some Fantastic Items bought in for this one,  We had Jeevan S’ with The Coliseum from Rome, Also from Italy we  had Joseph S’ with Pizza, We had Hugo with Ginger Biscuits From The Nederland’s, and We had Daniel B’ with His Boomerang from Australia…..!!!!!

Well Done You Cubs,

and an Extra Thank You to Joseph for still bringing in Tombola Items, Much Appreciated…!


Night Hike Correct Dress 2.2.18

For our Night Hike for this week we want you all in correct footwear, and waterproofs, With drink, snack and NO TORCHES….!!!!!!!



For all of you that turned up for the night hike, I have ticked your names, equipment and shoes wise, lessons to be learnt next time around, effort was made in turning up, and A



Flag Challenge…16.2.18

This week Dawn wants you to bring in a flag Nobody else will…..!!!!!

Just a print or a homemade crayon, coloured flag from another Country/ County/ State/Province…..!!!!

we need to know where your flag is from and a little about it please.

HOWEVER…….. if your flag is duplicated by another Cub, You shall loose 10 points for each duplication…!!!!!


Well Done to Kyran TL, Harry GS, Cillian D, Daniel B,   and of course  Lewis….!!!!

No flags duplicated, no points lost….Phew…!!!


Pancake Making Cubs…16.2.18

The challenge this week is to come up with a pancake topping that no one else is going to consider…!

make it, draw it, write about it….!!!!

But No Jam, No Lemon, No Nutella……      Something Different Please….!!!!


Well we had different Pancakes all round…!

We had a Cat Shaped Pancake by Daniel B, Jacob R also drew an Awesome Pancake,

A Green Pancake By Kornel W,    A Breakfast Pancake from Archie R, ( roll on camp Breakfast)
and Cillian and Hugo bought in their favourite toppings for their pancakes, 
Cillian’ s was a topping of Bacon and Maple Syrup,
Hugo’s was a topping of sweets and Dutch Sprinkles…!!!!!!
All together Yummy Pancakes all Evening…!!!!
Cress Growing 23.2.18
You will need to start this one sooner than later,   this week Lewis wants you to grow Cress….!!!
I wonder what would happen if you gave the seeds coloured water to drink…!?!?!??!!?