Cubs Weekly Challenge

By Dawn

  The Cubs are asked a to complete a challenge each week, NOT compulsory. After each term the winning six will be treated to a reward for work undertaken and points awarded.     Good Luck to those who take part…!    however The top 3 Cubs who RELIABLY put in more effort into these challenges shall also be rewarded Handsomely…..!!!!!


For last Term    we have awarded prizes to Lellow Six……. for a WHOPPING    11764  Points…

And Also        Daniel Butler

                         Jacob Rooney

                        Adam Gill                                      for being the top three that attempt to do the Challenges each week…

Well Done all of you …. The points as a whole were as follows

Lellow Six      11764

Red   Six     10321

Blue   Six      8926

Green Six     7114

Keep Trying Boys…!!!!                            1 or 2 of you were INCREDIBLY close to being top three…!!!! So Don’t Give Up.

Tombola Prizes are Alway accepted, and 100 Points are awarded for each item Bought in… Please No Bric a Brac Though…!!!!


New Term Challenge, Phone Box….!!!    4.5.18               APOLOGIES i HAVE CHANGED THE DATE ON THIS DUE TO AGM AND CAMP…!!!!!!

For this challenge we want you to tell us where the Nearest 3 Phone boxes are to the Scout Hut, If you live further away, Then The closest phone Box to the Hut, and 2 Closest phone boxes to your home…!!    We will be Using the local phone Box over the next few weeks, so Parents do expect an odd Phone call on a Cubs Evening….!!!!   However the Cubs will also be expected to remember either a home Phone Number or Mobile….!!!!


Well Done to D Butler, Matthew T, Riley T, Kyran L, Cillian D, Noah and Mati.

4 local Phone boxes one of which those that had money and knew their parents phone numbers

took a walk to the local one to give their Parents a surprise phone call….!!!


  Leaf  Challenge   11.5.18

This week Dawns wants you to memorise 10 leaves from 10 different Trees, Bushes, Plants….!

Bring the leaves, and remember the names of what they come from,   If not 10 , as many as you can,

As always points are awarded for work undertaken….


A well done to D Butler, F Carpenter, K T Lake, J Sabharwal, A Renyard, H Kriek, N McGill, M Biziuk,

There was a good variation of leaves memorised, and some that we adults didn’t know either…

Well Done Lads…!


Royal Dress up …!   18.5.18

To celebrate the Royal Wedding in Windsor on the 19th we want you to come dressed as someone OR something from the Royal Family, Past, Present  or even Future…!!   you could be a Royal Corgi,  a Baby, or even a Royal Item, A crown, a silver spoon or even just a Nappy, But please a clean one only……!!!


Wow …..  We had A Beautiful Megan “Noah” McMarkle,   Along with a few Very Dashing Harry’s,

The Happy Couple also Had 2 Very Smart Butlers, complete with Cucumber sandwiches for when the Bride and Groom got a little Peckish,

and Not to mention Their own personal Royal Guards to ensure Harry and Megan’s Complete Safety through out a mischievous filled evening of activities at 1st Cippenham Cubs,     And of course the Evening would not have been complete with out the Queen and her Royal Corgi also came along, thankfully we did have Poo bags Just In Case….!!!!!!


Lewis’s Tracking Challenge 25 5.18

This week Lewis wants you to learn 4-6 Tracking symbols, as Hopefully we Need to “Find Dan”, as he has gone missing…!

Remember he wasn’t with us last week, we think he may be lost….!?!?!?!