Cubs Weekly Challenge

By Dawn

  The Cubs are asked a to complete a challenge each week, NOT compulsory. After each term the winning six will be treated to a reward for work undertaken and points awarded.     Good Luck to those who take part…!    however The top 3 Cubs who RELIABLY put in more effort into these challenges shall also be rewarded Handsomely…..!!!!!


For last Term    we have awarded prizes to Lellow Six……. for a WHOPPING    11764  Points…

And Also        Daniel Butler

                         Jacob Rooney

                        Adam Gill                                      for being the top three that attempt to do the Challenges each week…

Well Done all of you …. The points as a whole were as follows

Lellow Six      11764

Red   Six     10321

Blue   Six      8926

Green Six     7114

Keep Trying Boys…!!!!                            1 or 2 of you were INCREDIBLY close to being top three…!!!! So Don’t Give Up.

Tombola Prizes are Alway accepted, and 100 Points are awarded for each item Bought in… Please No Bric a Brac Though…!!!!


New Term Challenge, Phone Box….!!!    4.5.18               APOLOGIES i HAVE CHANGED THE DATE ON THIS DUE TO AGM AND CAMP…!!!!!!

For this challenge we want you to tell us where the Nearest 3 Phone boxes are to the Scout Hut, If you live further away, Then The closest phone Box to the Hut, and 2 Closest phone boxes to your home…!!    We will be Using the local phone Box over the next few weeks, so Parents do expect an odd Phone call on a Cubs Evening….!!!!   However the Cubs will also be expected to remember either a home Phone Number or Mobile….!!!!


Well Done to D Butler, Matthew T, Riley T, Kyran L, Cillian D, Noah and Mati.

4 local Phone boxes one of which those that had money and knew their parents phone numbers

took a walk to the local one to give their Parents a surprise phone call….!!!


  Leaf  Challenge   11.5.18

This week Dawns wants you to memorise 10 leaves from 10 different Trees, Bushes, Plants….!

Bring the leaves, and remember the names of what they come from,   If not 10 , as many as you can,

As always points are awarded for work undertaken….


A well done to D Butler, F Carpenter, K T Lake, J Sabharwal, A Renyard, H Kriek, N McGill, M Biziuk,

There was a good variation of leaves memorised, and some that we adults didn’t know either…

Well Done Lads…!


Royal Dress up …!   18.5.18

To celebrate the Royal Wedding in Windsor on the 19th we want you to come dressed as someone OR something from the Royal Family, Past, Present  or even Future…!!   you could be a Royal Corgi,  a Baby, or even a Royal Item, A crown, a silver spoon or even just a Nappy, But please a clean one only……!!!


Wow …..  We had A Beautiful Megan “Noah” McMarkle,   Along with a few Very Dashing Harry’s,

The Happy Couple also Had 2 Very Smart Butlers, complete with Cucumber sandwiches for when the Bride and Groom got a little Peckish,

and Not to mention Their own personal Royal Guards to ensure Harry and Megan’s Complete Safety through out a mischievous filled evening of activities at 1st Cippenham Cubs,     And of course the Evening would not have been complete with out the Queen and her Royal Corgi also came along, thankfully we did have Poo bags Just In Case….!!!!!!


Lewis’s Tracking Challenge 25 5.18

This week Lewis wants you to learn 4-6 Tracking symbols, as Hopefully we Need to “Find Dan”, as he has gone missing…!

Remember he wasn’t with us last week, we think he may be lost….!?!?!?!


Well Done to all of those that attempted the Tracking symbols, Well Done…!!!

You all got them correct,   don’t forget you can also use sticks, Grass and Rocks or stones to show the way too…


Claire Shoe Lace Challenge….8.6.18

Claire has set this one and I very much agree, that you should all be able to tie your shoes laces,


Lots of Shoe laces tied, But we cannot check your shoe lace tying skills if you don’t wear shoes with laces…!!

This can carry over to next week along with the challenge below,

those two that came undone, Keep practicing….!!!!


Tombola Collection Challenge 15.6.18

This week we are asking you to bring in something “Bubbley” for our Tombola Stall, for our Fundraising stalls,

Bubbley…….?!?!?!   Use your imagination, Bubble bath, Fizzy Drinks, Bubble wands, even an Aero….!!!! But please no bottles of Spit as suggested by one Cub…!!!!    ( I like your ingenuity though..!)

As Always 100 points for each item bought in by our Cubs…!!


Thank you…. ALL of you that bought in various Bubbly bits and Bobs for the Tombola Stall, Really Really Pleased with your items brought in, Thank you  Once Again..


Last Tombola Request….. Something Fun….!!!    22.6.18

I Promise after this week we shall not request any more Tombola Items.

Something fun this week please,   a Potato Gun, an Elastic band Gun, A Bouncy Ball, Bubbles….!!!!

Again use your Imagination, and as always 100 points for each item,


A Huge THANKYOU to  all that bought in  items for the Tombola, Really Very Grateful for these….



Buoyancy Aid Challenge    29.6.18

As the Scouts are treating you Cubs to a day of rafting and Kayaking next week, You will of course be supplied with proper buoyancy aids,

But we would also like you to try making your own….!!!!!

Bring it along on Friday for Cubs and then bring it again on the Sunday, for Testing…!>!?@!?>!?!?!?




A well Done to all of the Below..

K Lake, J Scotney, C Dowling, H Kriek, A Cullane, N McGill, O Robb, W Ho, M Biziuk… ( if I have missed your name please do tell me..!)

All of you will have the chance to test your Buoyancy aid At Black Park when we are out with the Scouts, on the 1st July,

However please ensure you bring your Buoyancy aid along, otherwise ……!!!!! we can’t test it,    providing it works and you float with it, you will earn another 50 points, however if you sink….!!!!!!    No extra points…..!


Uniform and CWS Video…6.7.18

As we were glad to have Lewis back this week, He has asked that you all come in with your Jumpers on next week, as quite a few of you were missing Jumpers, although we are aware it is warm, your jumper is park of the uniform, along with Neckerchief,  Please ensure jumpers are worn, you are always allowed to remove them once Grand Howl, ( opening and closing ceremony) is finished, and only asked to put them back on at closing.


To tie in with Kayaking and Rafting, Dawn would like you to watch the RNLI Cold Water Shock video,

link below, or copy and paste this into your browser…

Watch and listen, There will be questions next week to ensure you have watched and taken notice….!


Enjoy Rafting and Kayaking, and don’t forget your Buoyancy aid….!!!


Well done ALL that made buoyancy aids, they all floated, so all of you gained another 50 points, I did award

extra points for those that answered my questions on the RNLI cold water shock video, however those that claimed to have watched it and answered nothing were only awarded half points, something so helpful that could one day save your life should be given more attention ….!!!!

you know who you are…..!!!!!


Lewis and the Matchbox Challenge….!!!

Back to an old Challenge but good fun all the same..

If you can obtain an old style small matchbox, not a large one , just a bog standard matchbox..

fit in your matchbox as many items as you can, however these items cannot be repeated so only 1 grain of rice, only 1 pin, only 1 of each item….!!!!!    How many different items can you squeeze in your matchbox…..

List all your items Please….!    ( the list does not have to fit in the box..)   the record holder for this challenge I do believe was the Butlers who had a whopping 113 items in their box….!!!!      CAN YOU BEAT THIS….?


And the record still stands ,     Highest number of items was,  83,      well done to Kyran, Noah, Joseph and Matti,


Live / Green Stick For Cooking. 20 7.18

This week we want you to bring along you own cooking stick for The fires, as we are at Dorneywood next.

When we say green we don’t mean painted green we mean a stick that is still alive, Not dead.., A live stick will not burnt as easily,

it neeads to be the length of your Cubs arm span, and around the thickness of his Thumb or your Dads finger.

Bring it along  on Friday, otherwise you will have nothing to cook your food with and No Food….!?!?!?!?!?!?!?    ( Maybe…!?!?!?)



Well Done to those that bought Sticks even though we decided not to use due to an oversight on Dawns part,  we did ensure you all had enough sticks to cook with..!


Dorney Wood 6 Figure Grid reference. 27.7.18

This week Lewis wants you to find the 6 figure Grid Reference for Dorneywood,

You can do this on an OS map, if you have access to one or use your brains and you will find….!!!!!

Good Luck Cubs…!!!


Well Done to Hugo, Matthew, Noah who found the 6 figure grid reference for Dorneywood… which is of course  SU 939855

How ever we also had Cillian who blew us all away by doing longitude and latitude co ordinates, Not what we wanted but still worthy of some points…!!!         LAT   51.560672      LONG   -0.646771


Summer Holiday Challenge    running till   7.9.18

This one is to make you get out and about over the Holidays,

Find something to pick, Blackberries, Plums, Raspberries, Strawberries, Nettles, Dandelion Leaves, There are lots of things you can pick and make something with…

We require and image of you picking your Main Item, and a pictures of what you have made…!!

this will be the last challenge to add points to your six before we announce the winning six and the top three winners.

Enjoy the holidays,